About Sustainable Energy & Clean Air Research Lab

About Sustainable Energy & Clean Air Research Lab


“Acquire and practice the ability to develop and apply the tools needed to improve and sustain the quality of the environment we live in.”

The Sustainable Energy and Clean Air Research Laboratory (SECAReLab) was established in 2013 in Texas A&M University at Qatar with the rationale that many environmental, health, energy, safety, and process industry related matters are interdependent and rely on understanding and exploiting the science of chemical engineering. Acknowledging the potential of this diverse set of applications and their basis on common principles, SECAReLab conducts basic and applied research, and develops new technological products and processes in these niche areas. Thus, we recognize and respond to social and market needs in the field of clean air and sustainable energy. SECAReLab provides Quality Assured and Quality Controlled services related to the:

  • Measurement, modeling and control of indoor and outdoor air quality. These include the collection and measurement of gaseous and particulate atmospheric pollutants mass using screening and standardized methods and equipment. Following data interpretation and source apportionment we can develop emission models and air pollution control processes and strategies.
  • Development, modelling and testing of solar-driven chemical processes. These include: the characterization of solar simulators; optical and thermal characterization, and solar aging of materials for energy production and storage; characterization of photo and concentrated light processes and materials.

Members of SECARe Lab are faculty, researchers and graduates of Texas A&M. The team also supports the involvement of undergraduate students. It collaborates with numerous national and international research centres in the field of air quality and sustainable energy. Its scientific cooperation network is based on the sharing of skills and knowledge in terms of environmental protection and security, solar energy, and emergency response.

SECARe Lab is affiliated to the Mary Kay ‘O Conor Process Safety Center at Qatar (http://psc.qatar.tamu.edu). Main objective of this affiliation is to expand the applicability of air quality tools into the study, training and enhancement of process safety. Some of the key areas are: a) Source term definition of gaseous releases, b) Atmospheric dispersion of gaseous releases, and c) Risk assessment and analysis

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